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Lackadaisy Character Print: Mrs. Bapka
This sweet old lady is well-intentioned, but you may want to double-check the contents of your ..
Lackadaisy Character Print: Atlas May
Atlas is the founder of Lackadaisy, and though long gone, he remains a central figure to the entire ..
Lackadaisy Character Print: Dominic Drago
This hard-nosed fed is a new character revealed in volume 2, whose motives we've yet to discove..
Lackadaisy Character Print: Horatio Bruno
He may be a B-list character, but no one could ever ask for a sweeter doorman or waiter. Approx. ..
Lackadaisy - 1.25 Inch Button - Freckle
This button features Calvin McMurray (better known as “Freckle”), the sweet and unstable little cous..
Lackadaisy - 1.25 Inch Button - Ivy
This button features Ivy Pepper, the fast-talking, back-talking, and sweet-talking jazz-baby sweethe..
Lackadaisy - 1.25 Inch Button - Mitzi
This button features Mitzi May, owner of the Lackadaisy Speakeasy, who is as lovely as she is shrewd..
Lackadaisy - 1.25 Inch Button - Mordecai
This button features Mordecai Heller, the slightly obsessive and impeccably dressed hit-man of the M..
Lackadaisy - 1.25 Inch Button - Nico
This button features Nicodeme Savoy, Marigold’s hijacker for hire who enjoys beating the ever-loving..
Lackadaisy - 1.25 Inch Button - Pyro Rocky
This button features our flaming star of idiotic brilliance, Rocky Rickaby, the main rum-runner of t..
Lackadaisy - 1.25 Inch Button - Rocky
This button features our shining blue star of idiotic brilliance, Rocky Rickaby, the main rum-runner..
Lackadaisy - 1.25 Inch Button - Serafine
This button features Serafine Savoy, a sharp gunner for the Marigold gang and Voodoo enthusiast. ..
Lackadaisy - 1.25 Inch Button - Viktor
This button features Viktor Vasko, Lackadaisy’s one-eyed behemoth. He’s also (hopefully) the least a..
Lackadaisy - 1.25 Inch Button - Wick
This button features Sedgewick Sable, a rock enthusiast gentleman and loyal patron of the Lackadaisy..
Lackadaisy - 1.25 Inch Button - Zib
This button features Dorian “Zib” Zibowski, sarcastic sax-player of the jazz band in Lackadaisy. ..
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